Aurora Traffic Build Up

If you traveled southbound on 99 this morning into downtown, you probably noticed the  lane closure near Roy street, reducing Aurora down to two lanes. Viaduct construction and traffic has returned, and this lane closure will continue until mid April, likely to clog traffic during morning and afternoon rush-hour in several places. Plan for backups starting in the battery street tunnel on the way to the Sodo district, and near the First Ave South bridge. The Denny Way exit will also likely become congested, as only the center lane will carry traffic into downtown, instead of the two right hand lanes.

Driver’s entering downtown on Aurora Avenue North can likely expect up to 6 weeks of extra congestion beginning today, as construction workers move underground utilities for the new 99 tunnel. King County Metro transit has re-routed 385 buses per day to avoid extensive backups, and people commuting to South Lake Union will need to plan to get off at fifth Avenue, and walk the extra two to three blocks.

The Florence Henry Memorial Chapel

The Florence Henry Memorial Chapel is a non-sectarian located in The
Highlands, a prestigious north Seattle community.  The Chapel was built in
1905 by Horace Henry, in memory of his daughter Florence.  Horace moved to
Seattle for the railroad project but after his daughter passed away,
picked out a spot in the area surrounding the Seattle Golf Club and
Country Club to build a chapel, even though he was never a resident of The
Highlands. The Chapel was designed by W. Marberry Somerville and was
opened in 1911 and many features of the Chapel’s interior were donations.
The Chapel had a full time minister by 1949, and today has Episcopal
services on Sunday.  The Chapel continues to be run by a committee and is
open to all residents of The Highlands.